m5_42_0_1378908344 (1)If we were to restrict ourselves to simply describing the technicalities of the event, Targa NZ is a road race series in which competitors compile points over each race leg, to arrive at a series champion. These legs are held at 2 or 3 times per year, and are typically Targa Rotorua, Targa Hawkes Bay and Targa New Zealand. Each event is held in a region within a few hours commute to Auckland, and runs between 2 and 5 days, requiring a time commitment by competitor and service crew of between 3 and 9 days to attend each event. The series is contested by approximately 1/3 of any Targa event field, as you need to be present at all Targa events in order to win the series.


photo-10However, at it’s core, Targa is a passport to driving your competition car (or rent one of our competition vehicles) through gorgeous, technically challenging Kiwi roads, testing your driving capability and your service crews tenacity, through the most beautiful scenery of any Targa in the world. Targa is a unique experience, with Kiwi hospitality, ingenuity and camaraderie to be found at every pit stop, service stop and overnight stay. Whether you need advice, parts or simply some words of wisdom, the crew and competitors that make up the Targa family are there for you. Rather than fanatical secret keeping, and arrogant isolation, Targa competitors and crews are often found lounging in one anothers pits, laughing through the car window, or hanging out before, after and during the event.