The Targa Competition & Targa Tour are run under a permit issued by the AASA (Australian Auto Sport Alliance).

As with all forms of Motorsport there are rules and regulations for which all entrants must obey and penalties for those who break them, however the ethos of the event is Adventure and the satisfaction that comes from completing the event. There is a place for all road registered cars to enjoy the event and if after you have read the regulations and still have some questions then please email [email protected] or call the office on +64 9 298 8322.

Targa Competition 

2020 Targa Competition Terms & Conditions

2020 Schedule TR – Technical Regulations

2020 Targa NZ Series Regulations


Targa Tour

2020 Targa Tour Terms & Conditions

2020 Targa Tour Series Regulations


VCC Targa Time Trial

2020 VCC Targa Time Trial Terms and Conditions