What categories of entry are available to enter?

Targa NZ introduces the original Targa style event which was the way Targa events used to run in New Zealand and still do in other countries, to be known as ‘Retro Targa’.

Retro Targa is based on minimum stage times with a points allocation system to determine the results. Cars will still be timed and the actual stage times will be displayed but the results will be based on a points system similar to a time trail, so it is like a hybrid of time trial and rally.  This division is in addition to the current Targa Competition and has been designed to cater for participants who want to exercise their vehicle but reduce the risk with the aim to try and encourage older vehicles back out of the sheds.  It is open to all competition vehicles but primarily aimed at older cars that are not capable of reaching 200kph so we have set the speed limit at 160kph.

A minimum stage time will be set for each stage with the average stage speed varying depending on the stage. These minimums will become harder to achieve throughout the event.  Points will be allocated at 1 point per one second over the minimum time but no penalties for being under the set time. However the maximum points allocated if you miss a stage or are slower than the minimum will be capped at 120 points.  Winners will be based on the lowest accumulation of points during the event.

For clarification, current participants competing in the ‘Targa Classic Competition’ at speeds up to 200kph will still be able to do so and we will continue to recognise them separately from those participants competing in the ‘Targa Modern Competition’.

We are trying to encourage more people to join Targa and with a number of the older cars not being able to reach 200kph this provides them with another option to come and enjoy some of the best roads in the world.

Can my vehicle be transported for me?

Yes – from anywhere in the world or within New Zealand. Targa New Zealand has a strong working relationship with an international shipping agent as well as relationships with domestic carriers, which enables us to customize all of your vehicle transport needs. As an example a typical all inclusive return journey price from an eastern port of Australia to Auckland is approximately NZ$4000. Terms and conditions apply.

What type of license do I require to compete?

Both driver & co-driver will require a AASA National Tarmac Rally Licence if you’re intending on competing in the Targa Competition. 
This can be obtained by visiting AASA at https://aasa.com.au/licences/national-tarmac-rally-licence/

Targa Competition participants will require a AASA “National Tarmac Rally Licence”.
If you currently hold a National Rally Licence issued by the ASN of your country then please contact the Targa Office to obtain a pricing discount code to recognise your existing experience before you complete the online Licence application.

What is the content in the Road book?

Targa New Zealand uses a comprehensive Road Book with “tulips” to advise of cautions on route. No reconnaissance is allowed.
As of 2020, Targa New Zealand has introduced the use of Safety Notes.

What safety equipment is needed in the car?

Competition vehicles are required to adhere to the AASA Standing Regulations for Tarmac Rallies and the AASA National Competition Rules.

What safety equipment is needed for the driver & co-driver?

The driver & co-driver of a competition vehicle are required to meet the AASA Safety Apparel Standards (i.e helmet, gloves, race suit and boots). A head and neck restraint device (such as HANS) is mandatory for drivers and co-drivers in all Targa New Zealand events.