Do you offer a complete arrive and drive package?

Yes- We have a number of vehicle lease options for both the Targa Tour and the Targa Competition depending on your budget and experience we have something for every level of skill all designed to give you the maximum enjoyment. For details please contact Peter Martin on +6492988322 or email

Can my vehicle be transported for me?

Yes – from anywhere in the world or within New Zealand. Targa New Zealand has a strong working relationship with an international shipping agent as well as relationships with domestic carriers, which enables us to customize all of your vehicle transport needs. As an example a typical all inclusive return journey price from an eastern port of Australia to Auckland is approximately NZ$4000. Terms and conditions apply.

What type of license do I require to compete?

If you are a New Zealand Citizen you will need a minimum of an R Grade Motorsport NZ license. For Australians a CAMS L2S or better and for all other internationals please contact the Targa office on +6492988322 or email

What is the content in the Road book?

Targa New Zealand uses a comprehensive Road Book with “tulips” to advise of cautions on route. No reconnaissance is allowed.

What safety equipment is needed in the car?

Competition vehicles are required to adhere to Motorsport New Zealand’s Schedule A.

What safety equipment is needed for the driver & co-driver?

The driver & co-driver of a competition vehicle are required to meet New Zealand national rally standard safety apparel (i.e helmet, gloves, race suit and boots). A head and neck restraint device (such as HANS) is mandatory for drivers and co-drivers in all Targa New Zealand events.