The Targa Tour was created to allow people to drive their road registered cars through closed roads, in a safe, structured environment and in a manner and speed not allowed on the open road.


Drivers get the chance to see and experience some of the best roads in the world, without the pressure of competition. They travel along the same route as the Competition vehicle including the closed road ‘Special Stages’ at speed on both sides of the road, It’s amazing!

The Targa Tour is for people who want to drive on spectacular winding roads and experience their car the way it was designed by the engineers and intended to be driven by the manufactures. It is an exciting and social atmosphere where long term friends are made!


The Tour is led by an experienced Tour Leader and supported by several mid-point Tour drivers, who are there to assist your driving pleasure and match you up with like-minded Tour participants.


The Targa Tour caters for all vehicles be it a Historic, Classic and Sports Cars, including GT and special interest cars. If you own a modern sports, classic or historic car and looking for a place to enjoy it, then please get in touch with us and we will help you to enjoy the Targa our experience in your pride and joy!

The Tour officials will explain the road book so you understand the instructions to ensure you navigate the course safely and maximize the enjoyment. It is recommended to fit a Brantz (auxiliary trip) meter (Monit is the preferred unit) to accurately record distances between instructions so you can really enjoy the road and ensure you are aware the potential hazards.

So what are you waiting for come and join us for this exciting experience around the North Island of New Zealand. Don’t hesitate!

Want more information? Contact us now on +64 9 298 8322 or email [email protected]