What sort of car can I use?

You can use any car, with approval from the Targa Office. It just needs to be road registered and have a current WOF. It is highly recommended that you have new or near new tyres and brake pads, a recent service and a minimum of Third party vehicle insurance.

How fast can I go?

There are two speed groups. The Limited Tour caters for speeds of up to 130kph and the Open Tour which is limited to 160kph. You must wear a helmet in both of these groups. Each group has a lead vehicle and additional management vehicle every 10 cars, so you can find a group that suits your pace. It is a lot of fun driving through the closed road sections on the wrong side of the road.

What is the difference between closed road touring and a competition stage?

The Targa Tour participants tour the same closed road special stages as the Targa competitors, however the Tour travels through these stages in a convoy with a driving coach leading each group in an un-timed, non-competitive manner.

Do I need a co-driver?

Yes, to do the Targa Tour, you do need a co-driver at all times. You can share the driving or not, it is up to you and both of you will need the relevant licences regardless of who is driving at the time.

What are the requirements of the co-driver?

Not much really, as long as you speak the same language. You will be in the car for long periods of time, so a friend is the best option. The road book is easy to follow and we can supply a sample road book on request.

What license do I need to participate?

All participants (both domestic and International) will require a AASA (Australasian Auto Sport Alliance) General Speed Event Licence.
To obtain a AASA  licence, please click here.

What safety gear is required to be carried in the car?

Cars must have a current warrant of fitness and registration, carry a reflective warning triangle, a first aid kit, a Tow Rope, a 1kg powder fire extinguisher and RSLite:
RSLite is a mobile application for Android and iOS which will be the GPS unit
for Targa New Zealand Tour 2023. Instructions will be available at Drivers

How much does it cost to enter?

The price varies from event to event as we currently run two separate Targa events per annum. Pricing is cheaper the earlier you enter so view HERE for pricing.

Are you ready for the Targa Tour? Check out our handy Targa Tour Checklist here!