Corner to Crest was born out of it’s creator, Troy Twomey, being the nagging squeaky wheel for some time in regards to stage notes and areas requiring improvements – around accuracy and relevant information within the Ultimate Rally Group competitions. With Covid-19 causing many issues nationwide, one of these issues was that it prevented overseas and Auckland based stage-note developers the ability to drive the 2021 Targa NZ stages to develop the notes in time for the October event. Troy saw this as an opportunity, so with discussions with other key people, made the investment to buy the equipment, and incorporate the idea into the Corner to Crest Ltd business.

As soon as the lower North Island was in Level 3, the team drove through all the Targa NZ stages, and gathered the data into a computer that records distance, steering angle, and video data, and breaks this down into metre-by-metre increments. -A steering-angle based system allows the ability to get full consistency, and this was the reason this particular system has be selected by Corner to Crest.  The stages were driven with the reconnaissance vehicle keeping to the left hand side of the road at all times.  No corner cutting at any time, so the steering angle throughout the entire reconnaissance has been consistent -and this is was we were after throughout the 31 stages –without variation.

From there, it was felt that the smartest thing to do was to contract a driver that has performed at the top level in Targa, and that also writes notes for his co-driver (so it’s delivered in a sensible and understandable manner).   Bring in Glenn Inkster to the mix. Glenn, who has been using this computer system for some years in gravel rallying, broke this data down into what is required to make up stage notes for Troy to work with.  Troy has made up the notes using this information, and Glenn has worked through it to ensure accuracy, and the delivery of the notes in the way that a driver wants to receive them (bite size blocks of information).

The stages have now been driven through again, using the notes produced, with Kyla Twomey (Troy’s usual co-driver, in more ways than one) calling the notes, looking for any final changes (for instance, a crest that needs updating, or kinks in the road that can be driven straight -in the notes see as “K” then follows by the distance in metres). This means that the stages have been physically driven multiple times, and the camera footage checked through repeatedly to ensure the notes read fluently.   The time taken to produce these notes isn’t something that can be understated.  Troy and Glenn have spent over a day per stage in the development of the notes. Discussions over an individual corner have sometimes taken 15 minutes until both were happy with the flow through that corner.  “is it a 5R/Cr, or 5R into Cr, or Cr into 5R?  These sort of discussions that make this team the right people for the job.

The company started a little over a month ago when Troy decided to make it official and the priority has been to get notes that are consistent and accurate to the absolute best of their ability.  Hence, a website will be created in time. Elite Training Services (Troy’s Rope Access and training company) will be the company that is invoicing and taking payments for the stage notes –Corner-to-Crest is a subsidiary of Elite Training. Both options of Direct Bank Transfer, or Credit Card payment are available.  

Cost: Stage Notes for the full 5 Day event: $550.00 + GST. For the 2 Day Regional event: $280 + GST Your choice if you want them couriered (NZ couriers) at a charge of $15.00 + GST (bubble-wrapped), or whether you choose to uplift at the event. The final day for ordering and having couriered will be the 16th of October 2021, to avoid any courier hold-ups (due Covid-19). After the 16th, your notes will be able to be uplifted at the event

To order your notes, click here. Once completed, please email the order form to [email protected]

All the stages will be uploaded and live on the Corner to Crest YouTube channel by the 2nd of October, and are labelled as their stage number and name (eg. SS1 Marakopa). For any questions, please call 0800 1ELITE (135483).

Youtube Channel

For a test of the notes, please click on the link below for the Corner to Crest Stage Notes Explanation and Glossary. The Stage Notes are to be used in conjunction with the video below to give you an understanding on what they relate to while on stage. Actual notes for each event will be supplied closer to the time.

Corner to Crest Stage Notes Explanation and Glossary

Stage Videos

Inglewood Jumps