Congratulations you are more than half way to the starting point, so depending on your Motorsport experience there are only a few steps left to check before you can come and play!

You will need to hold a current NZ Drivers Licence as well as a relevant Motorsport NZ Rally Licence.

Do you have a Motorsport NZ Licence? If so, check that it is a R-Grade for the Competition or a minimum of an M-Grade to do the Tour(C-Grade or R-Grade Licence are also OK for the Tour only). If not, then let’s get you one and here are the steps:

1.Become a member of a Car Club affiliated to Motorsport NZ (we can join you up to Club Targa Inc), contact the office [email protected]

2.Then complete the relevant licence test in front of a Motorsport NZ Approved Licence Examiner (don’t worry this is an easy process and we can arrange to have one visit you), contact the office [email protected]

3.Once that’s done, or in fact while you are getting that done, you can complete the online entry form HERE and we can start the process of acceptance for you. It’s that easy!