The application process for the Targa Tour is the same as the Competition entry process above, and Tour entrants follow the same route as the competition vehicles, but there are some subtle differences as covered below, however the number of entries accepted is still limited and all Targa New Zealand events are run under Motorsport New Zealand jurisdiction. The Organisers reserve the right to decline any application without disclosing the reason.

Entry Fees: All entry fees must be paid in full by the date on the invoice (7 days). The entry fee includes Lunches for two per day, two Prize-giving tickets, Evening Function tickets when applicable, Tour livery and a set of Route books. Not included in any entry fees are- Accommodation, Insurance, additional Functions and Fuel.

Payment: A non-refundable deposit of $600 must accompany the completed online “Application to Compete” before your application will be considered. Entry fee must be paid in full by the due date on the invoice. If entering all events, entry fees can be paid by instalments, either by bank automatic payment or credit card (credit card fees apply). Please contact the Targa NZ office for more information 09 298 8322 or email [email protected].

Refunds: All withdrawals must be in writing. The following is the criteria for refunds:

(a)   If an application has not been accepted the deposit will be refunded.

(b)   An applicant who has been accepted or withdraws their application before being notified will forfeit their deposit.

(c)   An applicant who has been accepted to participate and who withdraws from the Tour prior to three months before that event start date will forfeit the deposit.

(d)   Any applicant withdrawing from the Tour within three months of the start date of that event will forfeit the deposit plus an additional $1,200.

(e)   Any applicant who wishes to withdraw and transfer their entry may do so at the discretion of the organisers. Up to 75% of all payments made may be transferred to another Club Targa organised event within the next 12 month period, providing payment terms are up to date and the vehicle nominated is acceptable to the Vehicle Selection Committee.

The Invitation to Compete is not transferable to another applicant or any other person

Targa Tour Licences & insurance: Both crew members must have a full civil driver’s licence & MSNZ M Grade Licence (Club Sport). Proof of a minimum of third party insurance for the vehicle entered must be supplied at Documentation.

To obtain a Club Sport Licence: The MSNZ A001 – Competition License Application Form can be downloaded from the MSNZ website ( Please note, you must belong to a car club to complete this form.  You can join Club Targa Inc by downloading the form from our website

Safety Equipment: All vehicles must have a current registration and warrant of fitness and carry a safety triangle, first aid kit, fire extinguisher and tow rope. Each vehicle must have a TrackIt GPS unit active at all times during the event. TrackIt GPS units are available for lease from Targa NZ.

Supplementary Regulations: Can be viewed on the Targa website  Supplementary Regulations specific to the event you have entered will be posted on the website 6 weeks prior to the event.

Tyres: There are no restriction on the number and make of tyre you can use.

Service Crew: are not required.