The VCC Targa Time Trial is a relatively new product following on from the initial ‘test runs’ with members of the Vintage Car Club in 2018 & 2019.
The success of these events has encouraged us to continue with a competition specifically for VCC members in VCC eligible cars (30+ years) with a VCC Vehicle Identity Card (known as a ‘VIC’)

Running the event as a “time trial” harks back to the origins of Targa, whereby driving briskly to maintain a set average speed to match specified stage times was the objective.

The aim is to test your driving and time-keeping skills without the stress of full on racing, while allowing you to enjoy your car the way it was designed to be driven, safely, in a closed road environment called “Special Stages”.
All vehicles need to be road legal and will travel the same route as the Targa Competition & Targa Tour cards reading directions from a Road Book.

If driving to match specified times & speeds through each Special Stage sounds like you, then come and be part of the Targa Family to experience “The Ultimate Time Trial 2020”