Targa NZ is the annual Targa closed road tarmac event that started back in 1995 and has been running every year in October since then. It has traditionally been a five day competition rally that changes the route every year. Over time the categories have changed but the basic structure has remain as a closed road car rally where they race each stage against the clock. In addition to the race cars there is now a Vintage Car Club time trial, this allows for older cars to drive at speed through the same closed road stages but the objective is to maintain an average speed with the winner being determined by the closest to the average speed. This is a great opportunity for you to ‘exercise’ your car without the same risks of incident to your rare and valuable car. There is also the Targa Tour, for those people who have a nice every day drive car that want to experience them the way the engineers designed them to be driven.  They get to drive at speed through the closed road stages but in a controlled manner behind an experienced Tour Leader. Over the years we have developed a product to suit a wide variety of cars and driving skills, so there is now a place for everyone to experience the joy of the wonderful roads around the back country of New Zealand, in a controlled and safe manner.

This year we have all been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic which has seen our international boarders closed to tourists and therefore, to meet the needs of the local market, we have reduced the event to a four day product and also introduced a two day regional option for Competition, Time Trial and Tour entrants to appeal to as many customers as we possibly can. The entry fees have been reduced to reflect this and we have created a condensed format that is based close to Auckland to reflect the majority of participants who come from this region. 

The event format is as follows:

Documentation and Scrutineering on Wednesday 14th October in Albany.

Day 1 starts from Albany and travels north to Whangarei  on Thursday 15th October.

Day 2 starts from Whangarei and travels south to Ellerslie on Friday 16th October, two day regional documentation will also be here on Friday afternoon.

Day 3 (and the first day of regional) starts from Ellerslie and travels south, then east to Whitianga on Saturday 17th October.

Day 4 (and day two of regional) starts from Whitianga  and travels south, then west to finish in Pukekohe on Sunday 18th October.

There is no excuse not to be part of this wonderful experience and we urge you to consider joining us when looking for your next adventure.



Targa NZ 2020 Supplementary Regulations (Competition)

Targa NZ 2020 Supplementary Regulations (Tour)

VCC Supplementary Regulations



Targa NZ 2020 Two Day Regional Supplementary Regulations (Competition)

Targa NZ 2020 Two Day Regional Supplementary Regulations (Tour)