VCC FAQs for Targa Website

1. What do I need to participate in the VCC Targa 2021 Time Trial?

VCC Time Trial Entrants Checklist

2.  What car can I participate in?

Any VCC eligible road legal car (30+ years old) with a VCC Vehicle Identity Card (VIC).

3.  What licence do I need?

All crew members (driver & co-driver/navigator) must be current financial members the Vintage Car Club of NZ (VCC) and hold current full NZ civil driver licences or overseas equivalent. (Non-driving navigators who don’t hold a current full NZ driver licence may only enter at the discretion of the Organising Committee). The VCC time trial is not a designated “speed event”, so AASA, MSNZ or VCC competition licences are not required.

4.  What about accommodation during the event?

All Targa competitors, including those entering either the 5 Day or 2 Day VCC Time Trial are responsible for booking and paying for their own accommodation during the event. Please refer to the Itinerary and Accommodation Suggestions for the 5 Day and 2 Day VCC Time Trials attached:

Itinerary & Accommodation Suggestions VCC 5 Day Event

Itinerary & Accommodation Suggestions VCC 2 Day Event

5.  What is the difference between a Special Stage and a Touring Stage?

The VCC time trial competitors are timed on the same closed road “Special Stages” as all other Targa competitors. There are touring sections on public open road “Touring Stages” between each of the closed road “Special Stages”, so all vehicles must be road legal for use on New Zealand public roads.

6.  What is the Road Book?

Targa NZ uses a comprehensive Road Book with “tulip diagrams” to provide directions for all Touring and Special stages. No prior reconnaissance of the route is allowed.

Road Book Example

7.  What is RallySafe?

RallySafe Info 2021

RallySafe Wiring Diagram 12v

8.  How do I complete my Time Card?

Time Cards FAQ

9.  How do I join the Vintage Car Club and get a VIC?

Please refer to the VCC website “How to Join” and “Resources & Downloads” tabs:  and 

Alternatively, please contact the Rod Corbett (VCC Targa Time Trial Steward), for assistance:

Email: or phone 027 433 8772