What safety gear is required to be carried in the car?

Cars must have a current warrant of fitness and registration, carry a reflective warning triangle, a first aid kit, a Tow Rope, a 1kg powder fire extinguisher and have a Rally Safe GPS Unit installed. The battery must also have the live terminal covered.

What car can I participate in?

Any VCC eligible road legal car (30+ years) with a VCC Vehicle Identity Card (VIC).

What license do I need to participate?

All crew members (driver & co-driver) must have a full civil driver’s licence. Neither MSNZ or VCC racing licences are required.

What is the difference between closed road touring and a competition stage?

The Targa Time Trail participants travel the same closed road ‘Special Stages’ as other Targa competitors, and follow directly behind them at regular timed intervals. There are touring sections between Special Stages on ‘open roads’ in between each special stage so the vehicle must be legal to use on New Zealand public roads.

What is the content in the Road book?

Targa New Zealand uses a comprehensive Road Book with “tulips” to advise of cautions on route. No reconnaissance is allowed.
Road Book Example

How do I complete my time card for Special Stages?

Time Cards FAQ

How do I join the Vintage Car Club and get a VIC?

Please refer to the Vintage Car Club website and visit the “How to Join” and “Resources & Downloads” tabs. Alternatively, you can contact Rod Corbett for assistance.
Email: rod.corbett88@gmail.com
Phone: 027 433 8772