Targa-VCC SI Time Trial Entrant News #5

Hi Entrants – This email contains a lot of essential information – Please read carefully.


Countdown to the Drive of a Lifetime!! 

First off, a huge thanks to you all for being part of this inaugural event.

  1. Entries.

Have closed at 22 which is great!! Big enough to have meaningful presence, yet small enough to get to know each other & share this unique driving opportunity.

The list of all 137 Targa 2018 entrants (Competition 64, Tour 51 & VCC 22) is on the Targa website www.targa.nz

  1. Functions Form.

Hopefully we’ve all completed & returned with payment to Raewyn [email protected]

If not & you still want to eat & enjoy, please do it now.

  1. Event Programme & Maps.

Attached below. Note early morning start times. (Maps & other info is also available on the Targa website).

  1. Labour Day, Monday 22 October – Invercargill.

Scrutineering, Documentation, Show’nShine Car Display, Ceremonial Start, Driver/Co-Driver Briefing, Legends of Targa Dinner.

A big day so please don’t be late for anything!


11am-: Scrutineering at HWR Driver Training Centre, 92 Otepuni Rd (Checklist below).

(All cars will be inspected for Car & Occupant Safety, have start order sticker fitted & then move to have Livery attached & RallySafe fitted), then drive to-:

Documentation at Bill Richardson Transport World, 491 Tay Street (Checklist below), then drive to-:

Queens Park Show’nShine Car Display (Herbert Street entrance opp Park Street – Refer traffic flow plan attached), followed by-:

2.30 – 3.30pm-: Ceremonial Start, (Official Start with Mayor), then back to-:

4pm-: Driver/Co-Driver Briefing – Compulsory at Bill Richardson Transport World, 491 Tay Street, followed by

Legends of Targa Dinner, also at Bill Richardson Transport World.

Car & Occupant Safety Checklist-:

  1. NZ Road legal with current Registration & WOF;
  2. Reflective warning triangle;
  3. First aid kit;
  4. Tow rope (& preferably clearly visible/identified towing eyes/straps front & rear);
  5. Fire extinguisher (min 1kg securely mounted to vehicle within reach of driver/co-driver);
  6. Battery securely mounted to vehicle.


Driver/Co-Driver Targa-VCC door banners (approx 600x450mm) with car number & Targa-VCC windscreen banner (full screen width & approx 150mm deep) will be fitted to your car following car safety inspection. Door banners &/or windscreen banners may need to be trimmed for some vehicles. Vehicles with very small windscreens may have that banner trimmed to fit bonnet/nose-cone etc.

Any other sponsorship banners/personal advertising not in conflict with Targa-VCC event sponsors may be placed on rear panels &/or boot. If unsure please check with me before fitting.

RallySafe Unit-:

Will be installed by RallySafe team following car safety inspection & livery fitting. Please ensure the yellow power cable is wired to your battery with in-line fuse before arriving at Scrutineering.

Please do not be late to Scrutineering at 11am as we’ve got to work as a team to get through this day & the whole week.

Documentation Checklist for all VCC Entrants (Driver & Co-Driver/s)-:

  1. Scrutineering form signed confirming car has passed safety inspection, livery fitting & Rallysafe installation;
  2. Current membership card for VCC;
  3. Current NZ civil driver licence;
  4. Current VCC vehicle identity card (VIC);
  5. Proof of current vehicle insurance (minimum Third Party insurance).

At Documentation you’ll also receive your Rally Pack for the week, including road book/s, lunch/meal/function tickets, VCC entrants phone list etc.

Please note that your Scrutineering & Documentation checklist form (which you receive on arrival at Scrutineering), must be signed off confirming everything complies with checklists above.


  1. Driver/Co-Driver Briefings – Compulsory.

First driver/co-driver briefing is 4pm, Monday 22 Oct (as above).

This will be a comprehensive & visual power-point presentation giving time for questions & clarification.

Bring your Road Books, pen & notebook. (Mobile phones off – Hearing aids & glasses on).


Tuesday 23 Oct-: 6.20am Driver/Co-Driver briefing at Ascot Park Hotel carpark – Compulsory;

6.30pm Driver/Co-Driver debrief at Ascot Park Hotel carpark – Compulsory.


Wednesday 24 Oct  to Sat 27 Oct – Driver/Co-Driver briefings as requested or required with compulsory attendance.

  1. Communications during Event.

I’ve set up a group txt on Anne & my mobiles to communicate with all those entrants with mobile phones. Only a couple of entrants don’t have mobiles so they’ll need to keep in close contact with their driver/co-driver to ensure they don’t miss important info.

If we require a team meeting or other important info to be communicated, I’ll txt our group.

  1. Safety, Speed & Commonsense.

This is not a speed event, but rather an exercise in precise driving & time-keeping to maintain a set average speed through all closed stages.

Please think of the event as a marathon, so we must pace ourselves to complete every stage & every day so we can all celebrate together at the end in Queenstown.

Maximum speed on open road touring stages is 100kmph, or as otherwise indicated.

Maximum speed in all Targa-VCC closed stages is 130kmph – Penalties apply to anyone exceeding 130kmph, including exclusion from the event for excessive &/or repeat offenders.

Penalties also apply for driving below 30kmph.

Please drive within your ability & that of your car.

Remember, we’re not driving to win Lotto – We’re privileged to be part of the first Targa-VCC time trial in NZ & we want to do it again next year.

(Refer Supplementary Regs : Part One 5.3 Sensible Safety).

  1. Other Essentials.
  2. Notebook, pens & highlighters (Red biro/marker pen is best for checking off road book instructions as you go. Each evening it’s also good to highlight road book safety warnings for each stage of the following day);
  3. Alarm clock for early starts;
  4. Stopwatch & calculator;
  5. Parka & umbrella (it’s been known to rain in Southland);
  6. Car tools & spares (if you carry them hopefully you won’t need them);
  7. Water bottles & snacks for in-car sustenance;
  8. $2 coins for passage control donations & $5 for end of each day car wash donation.
  1. Classic Car Issue 335 Nov 2018.

This special Targa 2018 edition due out Monday 15 October also contains details of our VCC time trial, car photos etc.

  1. Anything Else?

As always, any queries please call me.


Rod Corbett.

[email protected]

+64 27 433 8772

(Please note my old email address [email protected] still works, & redirects to my new email address [email protected])