Info-News #12 – TWO DAYS to GO!! EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT until 30 June 2018.

Only 2 days to go for Early Bird Discount for the “Drive of a Lifetime”!

We only get one opportunity to participate in a first event & this is it!

Thanks very much to those who’ve already entered – We’ve had a flurry of activity in the last few days (including potential overseas entrants), so if you haven’t already entered please don’t miss out on the Early Bird Discount $3,439 cut-off date 30th June. (Standard entry fee $3,784 applies from 1 July).

As I’ve said in previous emails, please don’t worry if you haven’t got all paperwork completed (VCC membership, VIC etc), just deposit $3,439 into Targa Promotions (NZ) Ltd bank a/c

02-0400-0095838-00 with your driver name & “VCC” as reference and you’re IN!

Next year we’ll be in the North Island for this event so for South Island competitors this is your year!

Having said that we’d love to have as many North Island competitors as possible for this first event, so don’t be shy, come on down & experience true driving pleasure on smooth flowing roads!

Three quick practicalities-:

  1. Paperwork-:Some entrants/potential entrants have asked about completing all paperwork prior to entry – Please don’t worry – Refer above, & just pay to secure your entry.
  2. Safety-:Palmside NZ 287 Hoon Hay Rd, Hoon Hay, Christchurch 8025 (Tel 03 338 9151) have everything you need.

Please contact Simon Taylor [email protected] or Deane Buist [email protected] & they will look after you for all essential safety gear & most anything else you may require.

Indicative pricing for essential safety equipment-:

  1. Reflective warning triangle $28.75;
  2. First aid kit $74.75;
  3. Tow rope $40.25;
  4. Tow straps $32.20 each (front/rear);
  5. Fire extinguisher min 1kg $50.00;
  6. Fire extinguisher 1.5kg option $161.00.

In addition to this Palmside have all other safety gear should you wish to wear/use helmets, overalls, gloves, booties, helmets, intercoms etc.

Palmside can sort you out with all of these. (I’ve bought all our safety gear from them for years & Simon & Deane are great to deal with).

Just mention you’re with Targa-VCC South Island Time Trial & you’ll be well looked after.

  1. Assistance-:Please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance completing forms, car queries, VCC, VIC  etc – I can always help with admin queries, but we’ve also got several others with expertise, so please contact us with any query & if we don’t know the answer we’ll point you in the right direction.