Targa 2018 Draft Outline for Lower South Island VCC Branch Assistance

Hi Everyone,

This is a follow-up email to initial contact I’ve had with lower South Island VCC branches re the Targa-VCC time trial Monday 22nd to Saturday 27th October 2018.

We’ve had a great response with 22 confirmed entries so far, including Austin (1), BMW (1), Ford (2), Jaguar (4), Kato (1), MG (4), Morgan (1), Porsche (3), Rolls Royce (1), Saab (1), Toyota (1), & Triumph (2).

Vehicle age range is from a 1929 Rolls Royce Phantom 1 & a 1935 Ford V8 Coupe to a 1986 BMW 325iM, with a great selection of 1950’s, 60’s & 70’s in between!

This inaugural time trial is proving to be a great opportunity to promote our respective VCC branches, fly the VCC flag & attract new members to join VCC.
(Indeed of the current entrants, 20 driver/co-drivers have joined VCC specifically for this event!)

Events such as this couldn’t happen without the assistance of many volunteers & we very much appreciate the offer that lower South Island VCC branches have made to assist.

I’m still awaiting the final itinerary to be confirmed by Targa NZ, but please refer Event Programme & Draft Outline for Lower South Island VCC Branch Assistance attached.
(Please note that Event Programme times are indicative for Targa competition cars only – VCC time trial entrants will all start & finish earlier each day).

For each of the days & activities outlined, we’d hope to have about 4-6 local VCC branch members assisting as marshals to direct parking for competitor cars at the nominated venues.
In addition to VCC marshals cars, other local VCC cars could also be parked adjacent VCC competitor cars to enhance the public display, & hopefully attract new member interest to VCC.

I appreciate that branches need time to organize “volunteers” for such activity & will email an updated itinerary as soon as it’s confirmed by Targa NZ.
Please advise your preferred branch contact person for me to liaise with re car display/marshals etc.

In addition to car display & marshal assistance at lunch/service stops & late afternoon/early evening parking venues, if any VCC branch members (or group), would be keen to get up close & personal with best views of the Targa event as timing crew etc, please ask them to contact me &/or Raewyn Anderson (Targa Event Administrator), tel 09 298 8322 or email [email protected] directly.

I’ve sent this email to all lower South Island VCC branch chairpersons & secretaries, along with some other branch members.
Please advise if there’s anyone else in your branch who should be included & I’ll add them to my database.

In the meantime if you have any queries, please contact me directly.

Kind regards,
Rod Corbett.
[email protected]
03 423 1551 or 027 433 8772.