Time Trial 2018 Entrants News #1

Hi Entrants – A quick update re RallySafe below.

Buck is bringing a bulk order of power cables into NZ mid-August.

At this stage he just needs confirmation from each entrant whether you need a 3 metre or 5 metre length for your car (ie. distance from car battery to windscreen mounting point).

Please email him asap [email protected] what length you require so that he can complete the order.

Buck will then dispatch directly to you after they’ve arrived.



Hi & Welcome to the first newsletter created specifically for Targa-VCC Time Trial 2018 Entrants


  1. Entries-:

Firstly, thanks very much for entering. We only get one opportunity to participate in a first event & this is it!

We’re delighted to have had 22 confirmed entries by close of Early Bird Discount Saturday 30th June.

Hopefully more entries to come before entries close Friday 28th September, so please spread the word to those you know so they don’t miss out!

Please also refer current Entry spreadsheet attached which will be updated as more entries are received.

For those already entered with gaps in your entry form, (co-driver, VCC membership &/or VIC log book details), please email updated info to Raewyn Anderson at Targa & me.

Please also email Raewyn & me a high resolution photo of your car – Details #5 below.

  1. Welcome-:

As mentioned in InfoNews #13, a very warm welcome to Raewyn Anderson who has recently joined Targa NZ as Event Administrator.

We very much appreciate the assistance Raewyn is providing to our event.

Raewyn is based at Targa HQ in Auckland & can be contacted on 09 298 8322 or email for entry updates etc [email protected]

  1. RallySafe-:

Some entrants have already contacted me with concerns re buying & fitting RallySafe GPS tracking & timing equipment essential to this event.

Now, thanks to the assistance of Buck Buchanan (NZ Rep for RallySafe Australia), VCC time trial entrants may hire most of the RallySafe installation kit instead of buying it.

Please refer Buck’s email below-:

From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] To: ‘Rod Corbett’
Subject: RallySafe for Targa-VCC Time Trial 2018.

Hi Rod,

Further to our telephone conversation today I have finalised the cost and procedures for competitors from VCC entering Targa.

We prefer competitors to buy and fit their own power cable. This must be wired so it has continuous 12 volt power feed regardless if the vehicle is switched on or off. A 3amp fuse must be in the circuit. The units require this to ensure all safety features of the system are operating while the event is running.

These power cables will be available from me direct at a cost of $32.00 for a 3 mtr lead or $40.00 for a 5 mtr lead. These costs include GST. They must be wired so they have a bit of spare lead at the front windscreen.

RallySafe will hire the suction cup and connector and 3n1 antenna which will sit on top of the unit. The cost of this is $50.00 per car. Our staff will oversee and assist fitting these to the cars before/during scrutineering in Invercargill Monday 22nd October so that the units are in the correct place without compromising any features of the vehicle.

Total hire fee including GST for above is either $82 (3 mtr lead + suction cup, connector & antenna) or $90 (5 mtr lead + suction cup, connector & antenna).

We have had vast experience in fitting these units to a number of cars that come under VCC type categories in events we do in Australia and Japan and our staff can fit them in with no damage or alterations to the vehicle.

Get your entrants to email me direct [email protected] and I will supply the cable and answer any questions they have.

RallySafe bank account for payment of above is named RS1NZ, account number 02-0719-0007924-000.


Buck Buchanan

[email protected]

027 497 5675

I’ve highlighted in yellow important parts of Buck’s email.

Please contact him directly with your order &/or any queries.

Please also pay RallySafe hire fee directly to RS1NZ bank account above via internet banking with your name & Targa-VCC as reference.

  1. Accommodation-:

Hopefully we’ve all booked by now as I understand Targa HQ Invercargill, (Sun/Mon/Tues 21/22/23rd Oct Ascot Park Hotel Invercargill), Dunedin (Wed/Thurs 24/25th Oct Distinction Hotel Dunedin), & Queenstown (Fri/Sat 26/27th Oct Novatel Marine Parade) may be booked out.

Accommodation nearby may still be available but it would pay to confirm asap if you’ve not already booked.

  1. Car Photos-:

Classic Car NZ have generously offered to include our Targa-VCC cars in their pre-event publication, so please email a front ¾ high resolution colour photo of your car through to Raewyn Anderson at Targa [email protected] with a copy to me [email protected] by Wednesday 15thAugust.


  1. Event Programme-:

Please refer event programme attached.

For those travelling to Invercargill, I recommend arriving no later than Sunday afternoon 21st October in preparation for scrutineering & documentation Monday morning.

Having said that, Invercargill has heaps to offer petrol heads, so Anne & I are going to be there Saturday to enjoy the Bill Richardson Transport Museum (491 Tay St), Classic Motorcycle Mecca (25 Tay St), E Hayes & Son (168 Dee St), Dig This (84 Otepuni Rd) & more!!

Please note Finish of Event Sat 27th Oct will be in Queenstown, 5.05pm onwards, (venue TBA), not Highlands Park, Cromwell, to enable a short drive to accommodation prior to celebrations!

7.Briefing Notes-:

For anyone who missed our Highlands Park &/or Christchurch briefings I’ve attached the briefing notes.

If you’d like a copy of the sample road book to assist becoming familiar with it’s layout please email me & I’ll post you one.

  1. Targa Website-:

Don’t forget all newsletters, (InfoNews & Entrants) along with heaps of other useful info is available at www.targa.nz

  1. Assistance-:

As always, please contact me for anything to assist you.

We look forward to you joining us for an inaugural event & the drive of a lifetime!